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Ian Boyter

Backing Tracks

Play along tracks - just add your creativity

IAN BOYTER BACKING TRACKS are beautiful, straightforward rhythm section accompaniments, without the melody, no intros, no fancy arrangements  – for you play along with and enjoy. 

Visit my IAN BOYTER YOU TUBE CHANNEL to hear me playing along to these inspiring backing tracks. Click the little You Tube icon at the top right of this page. Also, visit my Facebook Page: @IanBoyterBackingTracks 

Some of the most popular Jazz Standards and well-known Swing, New Orleans and Dixieland rhythm section accompaniments are available here for download.


In the song list below, the track titles are followed by the key, then the tempo, then the number of choruses. Listen to a short 30-second sample of the track you want. The whole track will download.

Tracks have a click-in at the start to cue you in and let you hear the tempo.

Tracks are royalty free, for you to play along with.

Sheet music is NOT supplied.

Please Email me if you have any questions, or if the track you are looking for is not listed.


Scroll down the track list to see all tracks in alphabetical order.

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Visit my You Tube Channel to hear me playing along to these backing tracks:

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